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Best Resorts in Bangalore For A Family Outing

Vacations with family are always about comfort and quality, some selected resorts in Bangalore copiously empathize with their people and hence extend the best of services in India. Here are some best resorts in Bangalore which are going to delight your family and satisfy you. The services of a resort depend on the ambient it stretches out and this, in turn, reflects the review of the customers. After filtering the best reviews by the transient dwellers of these resorts, the below content is enlisted. Nevertheless, each penny matters, and these resorts ensure to value them accurately.  The days you spent in the resorts are some precious days in your life and it has to be worth remembering and availing the best resorts will let this happen profusely and undoubtedly. 

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Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort

Beautiful scenic views are released by the ambient here. A maximum of 6K INR can help you accommodate two people in one room per day. This resort is appropriate for family stays, perhaps children-friendly rather. The pool is bounded with rocky structures around it and the courtyards are inordinately made sophisticated with the effect of gold light. A memorable and distinctive experience with your family can be spent with the premium quality of amenities present. 

Palm Meadows Resort

A perfect location for destination weddings and joint family trips. This is an affordable 4-star experience in a budget of around 6K per day. Open space swimming pool and an enclosed swimming pool with showering splashes of water falling on the swimmer makes it one of the luxurious experiences at Palm Meadows Resort. Palm trees here and there appear to be monitoring you and following you everywhere. Spacious areas of banquet and dining area leaves scope for vast open skies to beam at you.

Bannerghatta Nature-Camp Jungle Resort

An adventurous and educational excursion with family is the perfect purpose for a trip to Bannerghatta which is powered by this Nature camp for accomodation. Tented houses, wooden bungalows with cathedral ceilings makes it a classic experience. Situated in the national park, it represents traits of a jungle house with wild architect ideas. The food and housekeeping services have yielded satisfactory reviews from the previous travellers. Residing amidst a jungle is a boon as well as a bane but this resort assures a protected and safe space for visitors to stay. A budget if 10K is enough to live a sumptuous stay at this resort while exploring different species of animal. 

Discovery Village Kanakapura

A pure rural environment has been adopted to design this property. Alongside, activities like walking on aerial wood planks, rock climbing, tennis court, and other fun elements are offered here. This is an exemplary resort that entails accommodation and a spa is not all that can suffice customer satisfaction. As a family resort, this travels an extra mile to make the experience unique from others. Well-structured stone walls welcome your way to the rooms and other spaces. Concrete structures combined with wooden boards are creatively employed to build the rooms. 

The Chancery Pavilion

In the heart of Bangalore, this is a 5-star accommodation with all the deluxe that can be adjusted within. Cocktail dinner parties or an extended family trip can be planned here. Within a budget of 4K per day, these luxuries can be availed. Dining areas surrounding the pools and bright yellow lights energizing the spirit is a highly valued experience here. The cocktail area is also situated inside the premises as the legacy of royalty continues. Food at this resort is highly appreciated. Banquet parties are arranged with intricate care and awareness with everything at the right place. 

Wonderla Resort, Bangalore

The best resort for staying and enjoying with children. A highly energetic environment with agile terrific cartoon characters being placed at prominent points to intrigue the children. The resort is in association with the Wonderla amusement park. Situated in the same premise, Wonderla resort could be the best solution for a weekend getaway to cheer the kids. Abundant open spaces and expansively decent rooms. A budget of approximately 5K will suffice this blessed stay at Wonderla resort.

Area 83 Resort

An immensely thrilling stay is experienced here. Slightly away from Bangalore and near Bannerghatta National Park, Area 83 is located in the suburban area. Multiple amusing games and activities are performed by the travelers inside such as adventurous activities, human foosball, paintball shooting, giant swing, boating, a zipline ride, and many more. Cottages are provided for the stays and camping sites are also present within. Footbridges cross occasionally lakes surrounded by trees and plants. 



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