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How to Customize Your Own Pre-Roll Packaging

Many cannabis users have been accustomed to the standard pre-roll packaging of cannabis cigarettes since its inception. While the simplicity of this packaging is what makes it so popular, many people are looking for more creative ways to package their pre-rolls.
There are many different ways to customize your own pre-roll packages, ranging from custom stickers and graphics to brand-new containers that can fit your brand and style perfectly. Here are some of the most common methods for customizing your own pre-rolls.

Custom Packaging
The most common and simple way to make your own pre-rolls is with custom packaging. There are many companies out there that can produce custom-printed boxes for you.

Open Top Containers
Another option is using an open-top container, which is basically a plastic tube with a lid on it. This type of container works for all different types of pre-rolled cannabis, whether they are fat doobies or one-hitter-sized. The lid allows you to easily remove the tip and place it back on when not in use.

You can also customize pre-roll containers with a sticker. This is a good option if you want to keep the cost of your packaging relatively low or if you plan on printing off a lot of labels at once. In fact, there’s really no limit to the different designs that you can make with stickers.

The final method for customizing pre-rolls is using a lighter. It works by simply slipping the open end of your joint into a slot located on the top side of the lighter itself. When ignited, the flame will pass right through and ignite your joint from behind! These are great because they’re just as portable as carrying around an actual lighter, but the lid stays on securely and makes it even less likely that your joint will accidentally go out. Not to mention, there’s a lot of fun designs available as well! You can get the best custom pre-roll boxes from

Use creative containers for your pre-rolls
Using the description provided at the top of this article, there are several unique ways that you can carry your pre-rolls. One clever method is to roll your joint into a standard cigarette (or any other slim tube). As long as it’s not too tight, you can seal up the end by licking or taping it shut.
If this is done correctly, the only thing sticking out will be the filter. This exposes very little of your “brand new” joint so others won’t be able to guess what’s inside. You’ll also look like some kind of super-smooth criminal. Who doesn’t think people smoke cigarettes for their filters? Another way you can go about this is by wrapping your pre-roll in tin foil and then stuffing it into a cigarette.
Like the other method, all you have to do is close up one end of the cigarette with some saliva or tape. This will allow you to bring around more quantity without revealing what’s inside. People who have been caught in this situation tend to get away scot-free since most people don’t suspect fags of being potheads. I know, right?

Get creative with your custom pre-roll packaging.
If you’re a real boss, you’ll make your own pre-roll! All it takes is one joint and some tin foil. Make sure the joint isn’t too big because then people will get suspicious of how skinny it is. When they ask what’s inside, all you have to say is ” tobacco. ” Among non-smokers, this has been known to work at least 50 percent of the time.
Good luck out there in your future endeavors! Remember: just ’cause someone wants to smoke doesn’t mean they want to take any drugs. By disguising weed in unassuming wrappers like cigarette paper or an empty baggie, you can feel free to light up almost anywhere without worrying about getting busted by a random citizen snitch.
And remember: for those times when you’re feeling too lazy to roll your own, there’s always oregano or catnip.

The least expensive way to customize your pre-roll packaging
It is probably to simply take a normal pre-roll and empty the contents into a baggie before you smoke it. This way, you can use any combination of tobacco and weed, even if it isn’t wrapped in a joint paper.
However, there are several products available that have been specifically designed to help you roll your own joints from stuff you find around the house.

Creating a customized sticker for your pre-rolls.
That’s it.
Instead of throwing out your empty cereal boxes, cracker containers and snack bags, keep them around for rolling your own pre-rolls. I’d suggest making six piles – one each for joint paper (the crutch), self-stick labels (for identifying strain), regular labels (for strain details) and two boxes marked “F” or “SF” if you are using flavored joint paper or filter tips respectively.
Of course, nothing is stopping you from taking any size container that strikes your fancy and stuffing anything inside that will hold together once the contents have been removed. This may be tobacco, kief, joints without papers or even blunts.
At the bottom of each container, add a layer of joint paper. To keep the papers from rolling up on ya, you can fold them in half or thirds and stuff them inside. If you are using filter tips, place two in the box along with one paper for every scoop or ounce of herb in your stash jar.
Filter tip boxes work well for this purpose because they hold several joints worth without rolling up – even when laid flat! The filters will serve as a makeshift “filter” when you run out of papers altogether. I also like to use them when prepping blunts because it keeps all that gunky wrapper material off my fingers while grinding the ganja.

Use custom printed labels for your pre-roll packaging
It is a great way to add extra special touches and really personalize your homemade doobies. When you make the fillers yourself, the only limit is your imagination. You can mix up several different types of tobacco or herbal smoking material for greater effect.
Regular cigar boxes will work fine, but why not get creative? Think about other objects in your house that you might be able to transform into rolling machine cases – like discarded cassette tape carriers, Altoid mint tins, or oatmeal containers.

When you make your own pre-rolls, you can completely control the quality of the materials and the smoking experience. When it comes to rolling papers, the only thing that matters is that you choose ones that are vegan or natural. With herbal mixes made from all-natural ingredients, there’s no better way to enjoy a smoke session with friends. Get the best custom kraft boxes at a wholesale rate.
Pre-rolls are a great way to sell a higher volume of cannabis at less of a price than if you were to sell an entire joint or blunt. With pre-roll packaging, you can really showcase your brand and the care that you put into your product, so it’s important to make sure that your packaging is as high quality as possible. These tips will help you get started.



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