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 Leh Ladakh tour: A complete travel guide


Every traveller dreams to travel to Leh once in their life. Ladakh offers the opportunity to learn from the diversity, culture, and people of Ladakh. Leh Ladakh gives the perfect example of  tradition and modernity between the people, man, and nature.

Now the question comes to every traveler’s mind is how to plan a Leh Ladakh tour and this is really a general question that can be how to prepare. Leh Ladakh tour is just not to get your vehicle ready and carry items that you will need for the trip. Here we will have a complete travel guide for the Leh Ladakh tour.

Although there are many ways to enjoy Leh Ladakh you need a perfect itinerary without wasting time searching about the tour plan and visiting the different websites to get the information. Here we will have a complete guide and itinerary of Leh Ladakh travel from a navigation point of view.


Once you decide to travel to Leh Ladakh, a question must come to your mind: when to plan a tour to Leh Ladakh. This is very important to plan wisely because  Leh Ladakh remains closed for several months in a year.  When to go Leh Ladakh and perfect planning depends upon a lot of factors like how you can travel if your budget is restricted. 

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So if you asked to plan a Leh Ladakh tour, the best months are between June to September.  Leh Ladakh receives the majority of tourists in these months.


Leh Ladakh tour entirely depends on where you were coming from and your mode of travel. Leh Ladakh required a minimum of 7-15 days that we recommend for a trip to Leh Ladakh.


A well-planned trip is the most important part of any trip and it is based on the days you have in your hand. You must plan an itinerary on where you want to be on which day. Leh Ladakh trip is not a frequent affair so whenever you plan to visit Leh Ladakh you need to make sure that you visit as many places as you possibly can.

In this article, we will have a perfect itinerary of the Leh Ladakh trip. I hope this will help you understand everything about the Leh ladakh.

Every traveler dreams of visit Leh Ladakh by road but most often they do not know how to plan a Leh Ladakh tour. Traveling via road allows you to take hold to enjoy the sightseeing and explore the scenic views and beauty of Leh Ladakh. Most of the travelers from Delhi NCR travel to Leh Ladakh by road. The two most common routes are  DElhi>Manali>Leh Ladakh and Delhi>Srinagar> Leh Ladakh. 

SRINAGAR TO LEH LADAKH- If you plan to visit Leh Ladakh from Delhi there are many buses for Srinagar readily available or you can take a flight to Srinagar from your city. However, the bus journey can be long and tiring. If you visit via your vehicle you will have an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air and take a deep breath and soak in the beauty of raw nature.  Delhi to Srinagar is around 830 km and 450 km from Srinagar to Leh ladakh. Srinagar-Leh highway remains open between May and October. 

MANALI TO LEH LADAKH-  The total distance from Delhi to Manali is around 530 km and further to Leh is around 500 km.  Daily buses are available from Delhi to Manali. The road journey from Manali to Leh offers the best experience. Where you will get an opportunity to explore the old Manali Kullu and Tibetan culture’s beautiful landscape it will make you stop to enjoy the nature and culture of Manali. The journey from Delhi to Manali and then Leh pass through the various loops, high mountains, scenic view, and sharp bends. Where you can experience the mountain lifestyle and a divine feeling close to nature.  


There are plenty of options available to accommodate in Leh Ladakh. The total cost of the Leh Ladakh tour depends upon the number of people traveling. From accommodation to a meal, the overall tour cost depends on your choice. For the self-driven vehicle, you will get around INR 25000-INR 30000 of expense. Private hire taxi may cost somewhere around INR 20000-INR 25000. And if you opt for a shared taxi it will cost around INR10000-INR15000.

TRAVEL TIPS AND RECOMMENDATIONS-  If you planning to travel to Leh Ladakh make sure you allow yourself to be prepared mentally you may have altitude sickness. Medication and a doctor’s prescribed medicines may be required. You need to pack an equal number of warm and summer clothes. Two-three pairs of shoes and a first aid kit must be there. 


Leh Ladakh tour brags about challenging and treacherous snow-carpet passes like Rohtang and deep valley so if you plan to visit Leh Ladakh is not easy at all. 

We have brought for you this comprehensive guide that will help you to plan a Leh Ladakh tour to know the best way to reach Leh Ladakh and enjoy it in every possible manner.



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