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Prank you can do on your boyfriend

You know people don’t try any prank on that person, the person they love the most. Because the person has that fear that if they do any type of prank, then the person might get angry with him or her. But you know, if a person doesn’t understand a prank of yours or handle a prank of yours, then that person is not right for you. So what you can do is first think about that person whom you love and then do a prank on him. If you want to do a prank on your boyfriend, then you have to think of many pranks on your boyfriend. You do not need to think much about the thing, you can do any type of prank on your boyfriend also. What you just need to remember, while you are performing the prank, is that it doesn’t hurt the emotion of your boyfriend. Because if a prank hits the emotions of your boyfriend, then that is not a prank, it can become a disaster for your relationship. So do a prank, but a funny one on your boyfriend, not a serious one.

You’re fired

Everyone knows that, if a person is doing the job then that thing is very important for that person. So what you can do, with your boyfriend if your boyfriend is doing the job also. That is if you are friends with the boss of your boyfriend. Then you can take the help of that boss, and ask him or her to message your friend that he has been fired from his job. You can say his boss to send him fresh flowers also. If this thing happens with your boyfriend, then your boyfriend is going to be tense and nervous. Because he doesn’t get this thing, how he can get fired from his job, and if his boss fired him, then why has he or she didn’t told him about this before. So this type of prank you can pull on your boyfriend if you want to do this with your boyfriend.

When we are adopting

You know boys don’t love dogs very much, and this is the story of many boys, and the same story of your boyfriend also. Then you can plan the prank with your boyfriend also. You can ask about this thing from your boyfriend when we are adopting the pet. Your boyfriend may get offended by this thing, but if you want to prank him. Then you can show some pictures of the pet, and ask him about which pet we are going to adopt. If this is something you do with your boyfriend, then this prank is a good choice for him.

Tweak the favorite dish

Everybody has a favorite food that the person likes the most to eat. Your boyfriend also has that food, which for him is his most favorite food. So what you can do with him, you can change the main ingredient of that food with some other things. You can do online gift shopping of ingredients also. But what you have to look at or remember the most is the look or finishing of the food. Because if the food doesn’t look the same as it looks with the main ingredient, then your prank fails at that time. But if the food looks the same, then your boyfriend gets to know about your prank, only after he eats that food. So do this: tweak the favourite dish prank with your boyfriend.

Fitness journey

If your boyfriend has a habit of eating fast food, then you can plan your prank with it. So what you can do with it, you can hide all his fast food in a place. When he asks, where is my fast food, then you can say that you remove all the fast food because you are focusing on your fitness?. So you are focusing on your fitness journey, that’s why you have removed all his fast food. This thing makes him irritated and unhappy. If you see this type of reaction, then understand that your prank is successful.

The prank is a thing, which idea you can get millions of around you. You can think about the prank for your boyfriend, by your thinking. You can also search about the prank on your boyfriend on the internet. So there are a lot of pranks, which you can get on the internet if you search it properly. The prank which you can play on your boyfriend is a fitness journey prank, or you are fired. So this type of prank, and any other prank you can do with him.



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